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Cedar Leaf $6 for 1 oz

Peaceful thoughts, understand messages, grounding, confidence, courage, cleansing, purifying.

Agrimony $3 for 3 oz

 Builds psychic shields. Repels negativity and ill wishes of others. Protection.

Allspice $6 for 3oz

Courage, strength, masculine, fiery energy. Sacred to Oya and Sekmet.

Basil $3 for 3oz

The king of herbs. Mood lifting. Brings blessings. Closer connection to spirit.

Whole Bay Leaves $6 for 25 leaves

Victory, success, wealth, abundance.

Calendula $3 for 1 oz

Confidence, respect. A sun, light, and fire herb great for giving strength to spells.

Chamomile $3 for 1 oz

Purification, protection, luck, money, positivity.

Cinnamon Sticks $3 for 10 sticks

Protection, prosperity, healing. Enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

Cloves $6 for 3 oz

Love, lust, friendship, healing, remove spiritual and emotional pain.

Dandelion $3 for 1oz

Growth, transformation

Ginger Root $6 for 3oz

Wealth, fertility, a magical catalyst.

Green Tea $3 for 1 oz

Peace, harmony, tranquility, respect.

Pink Himalayan Salt $6 for 3oz

Grounding, centering, cleansing, purifying.

Whole Jasmine Flowers $6 for 1 oz

Emotional healing, releasing trauma, restoring balance.

Lavender $3 for 1 oz

Relaxation, purity, calmness, anti-anxiety, grace, serenity. Associated with crown chakra.

Peppermint $3 for 1 oz

Healing, purification, psychic powers, sleep, love, dispels negative energy, mental clarity, aids in prophetic visions.

Rosemary $3 for 1 oz

Purify, cleanse, clears negative energy.


Black Hawaiian Sea Salt $6 for 3oz

Dispels negative energy. Grounding, calming, connects to earth and spiritual realm.

Freeze Dried Strawberry $6 for 1 oz

Love, heart, sexuality, sensuality, fertility. Associated with Venus.

Star Anise $3 for 1 oz

Divination, astral travel, wards of evil eye.

Cardamom pods $3 for 1oz

Increases your magnetism, love, attraction, prosperity. 

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