Why Shop Celstars

Small Business

CelStars is a woman owned company founded in 2010! Cely started hand cutting greeting cards in her craft room and sold them on Etsy. The business has since grown and encompasses spiritual education, woman empowerment, and affordable Reiki infused product.


Whether you are new on your spiritual journey or have been on it a while, there is something for everyone! Find all-in-one basic rituals to educational courses to tools that you can take home to enhance your practice.


Cely's TikTok really took off in the summer of 2023 when her Reiki Infused Intention Wax Melts went viral! Millions have viewed and connected on TikTok. Cely is an ex-public school educator and will always be a part of a community that shares knowledge whether it be sourdough, witch tips, or just talking story on live.