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Relief Ritual Salts

Relief Ritual Salts

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Relief Ritual Salts
So Many Uses!

This ritual salt is great for healing spiritual and emotional issues. It also helps relieve physical issues such as symptoms associated with common cold or flu when used as a bath or soak. Great to send someone as a get well gift!

Epsom and Himalayan salts - for muscle relaxation, soothing vibes, and healthy minerals
Green tea - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Clove and melaleuca - antiseptic, antibacterial
Eucalyptus - Helps with respiratory issues and relieves symptoms from cold
Frankincense - Helps boost the immune system, alleviates cancer symptoms, helps with digestion and respiratory issues, helps with anxiety
Calendula - Speeds the healing process, anti microbial, helps with skin issues
Charged quartz crystal - to speed up healing and amplify the energies in the mix

All bath teas are REIKI INFUSED by me - a certified and licensed Reiki practitioner in Holy Fire Reiki! Reiki is abundant life force energy used to balance and harmonize your own personal energies.

Each package is 6 oz and will make one very magical and spiritual bath or use it in money bowls, rituals, incense holders, or sprinkle in doorways and windows.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Pink himalayan salt, dendritic salt, green tea leaves, calendula, clove essential oil, melaleuca essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, frankensense essential oil, clear quartz crystal

reiki infused

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