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Reiki Infused Passion Spray Energy

Reiki Infused Passion Spray Energy

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A magickal spray to ignite passion!

1 - 4oz bottle of Passion Aroma Spray and Energy Spray

Reiki and Crystal Infused by me, a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner! Includes quartz and amethyst crystals in the bottle!

For cleansing your space and aura while adding positive energy. Great as a room spray, linen spray, aura spray, and body mist. Perfect for romantic nights, as a beauty spray, to bring love into your space, or to attract what you seek!

Geranium- Called the "Purple Passion;" Beauty enhancing, balancing, elevates love and happiness
Clove- Purifies, helps you gain what you seek, attracts the opposite sex, love, lust, inspiration
Orange - Uplifting, revitalizing, helps relax and arouse
Rose- Romance, desire, beauty, enhances self-esteem and confidence

Light cleansing

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