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Reiki Infused Everyday Cleansing Spray

Reiki Infused Everyday Cleansing Spray

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A magickal spray to cleanse your space!

1 - 4oz bottle of Everyday Smudge Energy Clearing Sprays

Reiki and Crystal Infused by me, a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner! Includes quartz crystals in the bottle!

For cleansing your space while adding positive energy. Great as a room spray, linen spray, or to cleanse your altar or ritual tools. Perfect for energy cleansing. Use before ritual, at your altar, to smudge your home, car, or office space. Good for giving energetic fields a good purification, too!

Contains essential oils that were carefully researched herbalism and curated for each scent:

Sage- Healing, clears space, banishes negative energies, purification

Cedar- Healing, protection, creates sacred space, grounds, psychic clarity

Frankincense - Heals emotions and vibrations, spiritual cleansing, attracts good luck

Bergamot - Purifying, for peace, happiness, stress, relaxation

Also contains:

Himalayan Pink Salt - to purify

Purified Water - a powerful hydrosol to cleanse energetic spaces and let new energy "flow."

SModerate to heavy cleansing

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