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Prosperity Ritual Salts

Prosperity Ritual Salts

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Prosperity Ritual Salt and Bath Salt
6 oz
So many uses!

This ritual salt and bath salt is great for putting yourself in a prosperous and abundant mindset. It helps attract good luck and wealth. Great to use before a job interview, potential client meeting, looking for a job, and trying to attract cash.

Epsom and Himalayan salts - for cleansing, purifying, muscle relaxation, soothing vibes, and healthy minerals

Almond Oil - Good Fortune, Money

Bergamot - Success, Money

Ginger - Bioelectric energy, Abundance

Cedar - Represents prosperity in folklore

Chamomile - Attracts good luck

Patchouli - Earthly abundance

Charged citrine crystal - "The merchant's stone," attracts money

All ritual salts are REIKI INFUSED by me - a certified and licensed Reiki Master in Holy Fire Reiki! Reiki is abundant life force energy used to balance and harmonize your own personal energies.

Each package is 6 oz and will make one very magical and spiritual bath or use it in money bowls, rituals, incense holders, or sprinkle in doorways and windows.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Pink himalayan salt, dendritic salt, almond oil, chamomile, cedar leaf, bergamot essential oil, ginger essential oil, patchouli essential oil, citrine crystal

reiki infused salt

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