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PMS period bath Ritual Bath

PMS period bath Ritual Bath

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PMS Rescue Ritual Bath Tea

The most magickal bath you'll ever take!

This bath tea is great for relieving PMS symptoms and overall wellness during that time of the moon cycle!

Epsom and Himalayan salts - for muscle relaxation, soothing vibes, and healthy minerals
Lavender - for calming and cleansing vibes, relaxation
Clary Sage and Rose oils - for hormone balance, relieves menstrual pain, slight sedative
Chamomile - for de-stressing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing skin, natural PMS treatment
Dandelion - to help with fluid retention, bloating, and detoxing
Charged amethyst crystal - to help with insomnia, releasing muscle tension, helping with tension headaches, helps regulate to the timing of the moon

All bath teas are REIKI INFUSED by me - a certified and licensed Reiki practitioner in Holy Fire Reiki! Reiki is abundant life force energy used to balance and harmonize your own personal energies.

Each bath will be about 5oz of bath tea and will make one very magical and spiritual bath. Instructions and list of ingredients come with your bath tea. You can purchase a bath with a sachet to keep your tub clean.

Bath with Crystal - Comes with 1 bath, crystal, and a sachet bag to keep your tub clean.
Bath with no Crystal (or sachet) - Comes with 1 bath, perfect for those that what to repurpose their own sachets and crystal
3 baths - Comes with 3 baths, one sachet bag, and one crystal

***Please use this link, if you'd like to purchase a lot of 3 DIFFERENT bath teas

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