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Live Tarot Reading

Live Tarot Reading

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This listing is for a live tarot card reading. Choose a phone call or zoom call.

All card readings are done with love and light by me. In order to read properly, I need to read in a positive space that contains some or all of these things: flowers, crystals, salt lamps, candlelight, nature items like pine cones or dried flowers and herbs, and incense. Your reading will be filled with the greatest energy I can succumb!

Choose 30 minutes or 1 hour, zoom or phone call.

After purchase, You will be prompted to book on my appointment calendar. I will send a confirmation email.  All readings are completed within eight (8) business days of purchase, unless scheduling conflicts.

If you'd like a voice recording reading, check out my budget friendly options in my shop!

***Readings are only meant to serve as a guide for situations and concerns. They are in no way a replacement for your own judgement or professional advice. I am not a divorce lawyer, therapist, fortune teller, or spirit medium. I do my best to give you all the information I receive from the cards. Also, please have an open mind when purchasing a reading. Sometimes we may hear messages that we weren't expecting to hear. This does not mean your reading was inaccurate. If you need clarification on anything, please contact me through your Etsy Convos so we can communicate! Happy customers are my utmost priority. Let's chat!

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